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Plan Resilient Infrastructure

We continue to experience more devastating climatic events. Our response has been consistent for many years… that is; we help everyone as best as we possibly can. Many times this means thinking through and designing longer-term solutions that will harden infrastructure in case of future challenges.
-Jim Verzwyvelt

General Services


Assess current status of infrastructure for exposure to climatic risks and the potential effects of damage


Work hand-in-hand with clients to strategically develop preparedness plans for anticipated climatic events


Coordinate pre-event planning with Federal/State agencies


Assess and Inventory after-event damages


Program and Strategy Planning/Scheduling for restoration efforts


Funding Coordination


Lead Creative Teaming and Engineering for immediate and long-term solutions

Featured Case Project

Johnny Downs Sports Complex

Alexandria, Louisiana

  • City of Alexandria, Louisiana (Client)

Assignment Goal

  • After a significant climate-related disaster (December 16, 2019 EF3 tornado), PAE was selected to partner with CoA in the development of a “Game Plan”/Strategy to not only renovate, but upgrade the Johnny Downs Sports Complex to meet multi-state competitors.
  • Develop a true “GAME PLAN” Strategy & Approach – constantly revising scenarios and putting action steps in motion, managing not only a challenging renovation project, but also client/contract/community expectations, developing creative solutions, and delicate responses to media influence.
  • Utilizing PAE’s deep knowledge and long-term sports field/facility engineering and construction management experience (Backstops/Synthetic turf/LED lighting/Field amenities) to complete a complex project in a compressed timeframe to avoid interference with committed tournaments.


  • Renovation Factor – Storm-related damage made for high-risk constructability
  • Upgrade Factor – Tying new work with old tested the principles of  Safety, Function, and Value
  • Inclement weather during Construction – January start with 4 months of unprecedented rain
  • Six month window to World Series event for the majority completion of $7,000,000 project.