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Integrated Building Design

We take great pride in working closely with our clients to help capture their visions for new or renovated facilities in their communities and then integrate their cultural heritage and history to produce an inspiring result.
-K.C. Distefano

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Featured Case Project

Town of Woodworth Municipal Complex

Woodworth, Louisiana

  • Town of Woodworth, Louisiana (Client)

Assignment Goal:

  • Assist clients in assessing needs and programming new facilities that integrate the latest technology with strong history and sustainable ‘Classic’ building design.
  • Provide consistent priorities throughout all projects: Safety/Efficiency/Value


  • This Town of Woodworth assignment included providing a ‘Classic’ Architecture theme that captures the visions of citizens of today and integrates their history in a way which will be appreciated by citizens of the future. This included paying attention to the small, important accents, providing opportunity for touch (cast stone columns) and presence, incorporating timeless accents (slate roof) and including historic interpretations throughout.
  • Client relations are built on trust. That begins with sincere care for clients and their projects. Diligent management and quest for quality from senior-most PAE leaders to job-site inspectors is a core principle at PAE.
  • Planning starts with the true integration of all PAE services: Engineering / Design / Funding / Management
  • Apply all aspects of PAE culture to build value that matters.
  • Integrate with Clients’ level of experience & understanding. “One Client has been Mayor for 40 years and knows exactly where his infrastructure is located and the exterior color paint he wants on his buildings. Others with less tenure have never handled federal grants or any new construction. We share experience and subject knowledge with all Clients with the same level of respect and care.” -K.C. Distefano
  • BIM (Building Integrated Management) and 3D Scanning Video technology increases our time efficiency and reduces risk when changes in design are made.