Ochsner Medical Facility (Iberville Parish, Louisiana)



  • Iberville Parish, Louisiana (Client)
  • State of Louisiana – Office of Community Development



  • Much of the Iberville Parish Hospital and surrounding infrastructure was severely damaged by the September 2008 Hurricane Gustave. Detailed inventory and analysis of the damage was done. Several programming and planning scenarios were developed that lead to a final decision to replace the existing hospital and the adjoining infrastructure.
  • The analysis of damages, discernment of needs and availability of Federal, State and Local funds revealed an opportunity to construct a new modern medical facility in lieu of renovation of the outdated/obsolete building that was severely damaged by hurricane winds and water intrusion. The new facility would create a more resilient comprehensive network of medical services for the regional community.


  • PAE assisted Iberville Parish leadership in the development of a phased strategy to apply for, accept and manage a diverse group of restoration funds to construct the replacement medical facility and related water storage and distribution infrastructure. Total funds acquired and managed was +/- $29,300,000.
  • Those funds were utilized to include:
    • PAE designed 750 K gallon potable water tank and related pumps
    • PAE designed Site Maintenance facility
    • PAE designed Memorial Plaza & 150’ tall Flag